Land of Oz (Coloured Merinos) – Day 2

Our oldest daughter said we had gone to the Land of Oz on this trip and I really believe she’s right after spending another full day with Broni and Mac and their Coloured Merinos.

We had time to chat and exchange stories but mostly I think I must have asked Broni amillion questions. thanks for your patience, Broni!

Before Broni picked me up for the day, I had a chance to get up early and see an Australian sunrise where I am staying.



After that beautiful start to the day, Broni picked me up and we headed off to the farm. We had a chance to trade stories and share our experiences with sheep (hers much greater than mine!) It was not all talk, however. We had “poddies” ( bottle babies) to feed


And the oldest rams needed a bit of bread. The grey one is an Australian Champion.



Broni offered me the opportunity to ride up top so I could get some video from that vantage point. Luckily she is a very good driver as we were not always on roads – going through paddocks and crossing through small streams.



I really could not get enough of these beautiful sheep.





Most of them were very happy to be near us, but can you spot the shy one in this photo? She eventually joined the others.


They do not need to feed salt as the paddocks are rich in it but the sheep do have access to mineral blocks.


We were accompanied on our chores today by two farm dogs, Bridie and Bear. They held back sheep on either side of paddock gates, letting us drive through the gates. Good job, girls, we couldn’t have done it without you!



A couple more sheep – no, you have not seen enough!


OK, there were a few other animals around.
Sulfur crested Cockatoos ( who swoop down to get any grain the sheep miss)


Rainbow Bee-eaters -absolutely gorgeous


And, of course, it would not be Australia without these guys. Not a great photo but hope to get better ones later.


Thanks, Broni and Mac for all your hospitality, answering endless questions, and letting me be a part of two magical days on your farm as I begin the wooly adventures part of my trip to Australia.


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  1. A most pleasurable occasion having you visit and allowing us to share our passion with you. We hope to see you again.

    • Hi Broni, Made it to Albury and, yes, the train was late! No worries – my fleece made it just fine!

  2. Greetings from Davis CA. We just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We are enjoying virtually visiting the land if Oz with you.


    Natalie and Jeeves

    • Hey you ! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Stay tuned. Big hugs to Jeeves.

  3. The only thing better than following your blog would be to be there, too! Love the sheep and the tree full of cockatoos. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, Dona. Glad you are enjoying it. It is a bit of a challenge doing it on the iPad, but I shall persevere! Those cockatoos were pretty but loud and I guess kind of a nuisance for the sheep! Thanks for staying in touch – it is good to hear from home! Off to three more sheep farms today!

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