What?! Already?!!!

Hi. This is Marley. Something Happened here the other day and I got accused of being “Difficult”.

Well, first, a little Background. This is the way the barnyard and barn looked in the morning.



“Did you forget something, like FEEDING us!?”
The next thing I knew, we were all ( or Most of Us) stuffed into this one stall.


“Oh my, Lily, this all seems vaguely familiar, and Not in a Good Way!”

“Look what happened?!!! If this happened to you, you might get a little Difficult, too!”

Jackie also forgot to tell us there would be Visitors. Who are these guys??!!! [sorry, Marley. Those are a couple Blue-faced Leicester Jacob crosses that came to get their haircut today as well]



“I could have told them how That Would Work Out.”

Well, it is over now. I have been told that My Wool is very valuable. Jackie has been selling it to people who want it. So, take that, Llama and Winnie-Two-Horn. You escaped this time but I have a feeling this will Happen Again.


‘Till then……Love, Marley

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