An East Coast Wooly Adventure




Visiting the

meant getting to see:

…spectacular fall colors

to have many choices

to witness huge crowds at a fiber fair

…watch a llama parade

…hear some great music

…see interesting things for sale

…meet an author and get a book signed

Nancy Shaw, author of the great classics “Sheep in a Jeep” and “Sheep in a Shop” signs a copy for me

…see some sheep

Jacob Sheep (probably didn’t need the caption!)

Icelandic (I would love one of these!)

Look at that wool!

Natural Colored Sheep (?????)

OK – I really need to check and see if this is a breed!

Border Leicester

…and if I can’t buy a sheep, buy fleeces

Icelandic (on left) and Border Leicester

…and get my fleeces carried for me by our daughter’s boyfriend, Marc

Thanks, Marc!

…and, especially, spend time with our daughter, Alisa.

It was a wonderful weekend on the East Coast!


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  1. Go to, Natural Colored Wool growers Assoc. They recognize colored sheep in all the other breeds of sheep, some of which do not accept colored sheep. Sheep that can’t be registered in another registry can be registered here as well as those that may be double registered.

    • Thanks, Robin. That is helpful. I knew it couldn’t just be a breed by itself!

  2. Nice Rhinebeck post!

    • Thank you! It was amazing to see such a large festival. I have been to the Michigan Fiber Festival and also to Black Shhep Gathering in Eugene and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival near Portland OR so this was a real contrast.

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