My Three Favorite Sales…..and some Cotswolds

This past weekend was Lambtown – a local (for me) sheep and fiber vendor event. There were also sheep dog trials, spinning contests, sheep to shawl contents and shearing contests – that’s a lot of contests! I was a vendor this year and so was pretty much at my booth. My friend, Dona, helped me staff the booth and demonstrated how to make braided lead ropes for many interested visitors.

I had fun talking with people who stopped by my booth. A lot of people bought things but I had three favorite sales.

One of the earliest visitors to the booth was a young girl, needing information for her 4-H project on sheep. She bought some carded wool and got handouts I have on sheep breeds and the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. She left with a lot of information for her project.

Wool box containing carded wool for hand spinning or needle felting

A second sale I was pleased with was to a spinner. She was making a rug with the wool of strong wool sheep breeds and was interested in my carded wool batts. She bought one each of Karakul, East Friesian, and California Red. They should make a nice addition to her rug!

hand carded wool batts

My third favorite sale was to a very nice gentleman who had been participating in the sheep dog trials. We talked sheep and dogs for awhile and then he said he wanted to take something home to his wife and picked out one of my lavender sachets. Nice husband!

Knitted sachets, back with Jacob felt and filled with dried lavender

These particular sales made me happy with what I do with wool – sharing these products with people and sharing information about these sheep breeds.

And, speaking of sheep, this was a sheep event so I managed to get some more fleeces! There were some Cotswolds there and their breeder offered to get them sheared so I could take home the fleeces. I had gotten a fleece from her at the California Wool and Sheep Show a few weeks ago so I was glad to get a chance to get some more. These sheep were there to participate in the sheep show.

“Aren’t we pretty?!”

After being shown, they were sheared.

Don’t worry, sheep, it will grow back!

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