The Flock at Dusk

I took the opportunity at the end of a hot day to get a few shots of the flock. With no rain yet, the pastures are dry, dry, dry. But, once the temperature starts to drop, they (mostly) get active again and explore their current pasture. As usual, they have something to say.

Wilma, “I don’t know what those black blobs are behind me, but you should have centered the shot on me!”

I don’t know what Cassie and Beatrix are eating but they always seem to try.

And the burn pile is always worth a try, apparently.

Of course, Marley always likes to share his thoughts:

Marley, “How much longer will it be dry? I think it’s affecting my wool!”

Marley, “Winnie, I wish there was more of that green stuff, don’t you?”

Of course, some thoughts are a little more random (they are sheep and a llama, after all)

Marley, “Lily, the camera is in the other direction!”

Paridot, “I’m bored.”

Quentin, “I’m hot. Is it almost time for shearing again?” [Ed. Yes, Quentin, Oct 25 – hang in there!]

Picturesque, but we’re all ready for green.

Running out of light – time to go in.

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