Manicure…Pedicure…. or…..???

Jacob Sheep usually have two or four horns. Our wether, Sid, has four horns and we have been watching one of them for awhile as it was growing close to his head as it curved inward. Obviously, this could become a problem if it reached the skin. Finally, with the help of my friend, Dona,  we got it trimmed.

Sid was very easy to lead to the sheep stand with a little grain. You can see the horn on the left (his right) curving in toward his head.

Horns have a blood supply part way down but not near the end. It is important to feel the horn and make sure you are going to trim it past the blood supply. Where the horn no longer feels warm, it is safe to cut but, even so, I went some below that, just to be sure. My friend, Hamid, made me a tool for cutting horns – a special kind of wire with wooden handles to make it easier to hold onto.

Didn’t get a photo of this, but Dona came up with the idea of putting a clamp on the horn so to give something to saw against as the wire kept slipping on the horn’s surface (all this time, Sid happily munched away on his grain).

Grain is a great distractor. He was not even aware that we cut off the horn.

Here’s Sid with a shorter horn.

Sorry, Sid…..grain’s all gone!

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