Michigan Fiber Festival

I recently visited family in Michigan and was able to attend the Michigan Fiber Festival again. I look forward to this festival – even though it is in  Michigan in August! Luckily, the weather cooperated very well this year. It was fun to think about all the signs at a festival like this.

People were advertising  things for sale off the festival grounds….

…in the rest room

…and, of course, there were all those wonderful vendors!

They were selling things with lots of color….

…and beautifully done theme rugs or wall hangings….

…and dyed yarn from one of my favorite vendors, Stoney Pond Farm. Every purchase comes with a card with a photo and a little story about the sheep the wool came from.

Then, there were the individual signs with important things to share:

Didn’t get a chance to ask for the story behind THIS name!

There is a vendor there each year selling some really nice wooden loom supplies. I always try to stop and bring something home.

This year, my very good friend, Mary, was able to travel across the state to spend the day with me. It was fun to help her shop for a stick shuttle for her daughter.

We took time out for lunch and shared our table with a couple antique toy sheep I picked up at Sweetgrass Jacobs booth. Aren’t they real looking?!

And then, of course, there were the animals. I think the festival is mostly about sheep, but there were other fiber animals there as well.

Angora rabbits…..

Angora goats….

…and alpacas.

And then, the sheep!


Karakuls…(hey, these guys look familiar!)

Colored Merinos (I thought they were really cute!)

Blue-Faced Leicester…

And a very sweet Romney…

Of course, where there are sheep, there are fleeces to buy! I pre-ordered an Icelandic fleece from this upcoming fall’s shearing. I also purchased a few fleeces from my friend, Rose, from Stoney Pond Farm. I have been buying fleeces from Rose for a few years now. I always look forward to seeing what her sheep have produced this year. Knowing I was going to do this, I took along a couple duffle bags to see how much I could bring home as checked luggage. I think people at the airport thought I needed a lot of luggage for one person!

These fleeces made it in my bags and a couple more had to be shipped.

Something I miss about Michigan is the more variable weather. The temperatures were great while I was there and I even got to see some of my favorite clouds….

,,,and even a brief rain storm.

Now, if I just could have fit these guys in my checked luggage, it would have been a perfect trip! Maybe next year…..

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder why she didn’t bring back that really nice stick back to me! Looks very smooth and tasty, no bark bits in the mouth.
    —Jimmy Merlinsdog

    • Hi Jimmy, Sorry she didn’t bring you one. I guess you either need to take up weaving (!) or come along next year!

  2. Nice post! Thanks :-).

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I like your blog, too.

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