It Happened Again

Hello. It’s Marley. Well, It Happened Again. One day we were Hot and Wooly. The next thing we knew The Guy with the Clippers was here and we were all getting Sheared.


Nellie got grabbed first but it didn’t take them long to trap me.

“How embarrassing.”

I had a talk with Nellie after we both got Sheared and tried to explain how she should have tried harder to get away, but she never listens to me

Nellie, “I can’t hear you!”

The Shetlands, being smaller, were Quickly Dispatched.

Winnie tried to warn Cassie…

Winnie, “Run, Cassie, when he tried to grab you.”

Silly Shetlands.


Some of us needed our hooves done – Jackie missed a couple of us last time. Sid didn’t really seem to mind.

The Llama got Sheared this time, too. I don’t know why he got comforted by Jackie. Did you see her patting us? No!

In fact, when Ingrid made a break for it and escaped to the barn…

Marley, “It was a nice try, Ingrid.”

…Jackie just put a halter on her and delivered her to The Guy With the Clippers.

Ingrid, “Hey, at least I tried!”

The New Little Lambs did not have a clue what was going on. They thought they were pretty special because they didn’t get caught.

Winnie was a little offended by their Attitude.

“You guys just wait until fall shearing!”

All the Sheared Sheep had different opinions about What Happened.

Quentin, “Ingrid, you should have tried hiding sooner when I still had all that wool on me!”

Beatrix, “I think I look good either way.”

Wilma, “Nope, you smell just the same.”

Nellie, “What, can’t a sheep get a drink?! It was a stressful day!”

They finally all decided it hadn’t been so bad after all and headed out to look for food.

Well, I guess that’s all the news about What Happened. Jackie keeps making additions to the barn, a new gate, a new chicken coop (they are Noisy Neighbors) – but no Wi-Fi in the barn yet so don’t know when I’ll get a chance to Blog again. But, hopefully, soon. Until then.

Love, Marley

“At least he left My Top Knot!”

P.S. Jackie told me to thank Colleen and Kathy for all the help and Dona for all the great photos!

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  1. Thank you, Marley. A great story!

    • Yes, but I wish he would just stop complaining about the Wi-Fi!

  2. Hey Marley, at least it was attention. I was Home Alone.
    By the way, looking good with the little topknot thing going on.

    • Hey Rusty, I heard they left you Alone. I am Never Alone here – your Mom keeps sending more sheep over here. That Lily is Really Loud (kind of cute, too, but don’t tell her I said so).

  3. Marley, You guys are lookin’ good! More like dogs. Also, just to let you know, we have Wi-Fi in the studio barn but do I ever get close to it? No, there are always musicians in there.

    Like your colorful food buckets! —Jimmy, Merlin’s dog

    • Hey Jimmy, Good to hear from you! I heard it is really Hot in Michigan. Did the Guy with the Clippers come to see you, too?! Stay cool, Dog. Love, Marley

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