A Crazy Morning…but a Nice Evening

The morning started out with the discovery that some gates and plywood that had been tied to the barn wall had fallen down. No harm, but needed to be moved for sheep safety. That just sort of started a chain of events. I thought maybe the plywood would work for covering the new chicken run temporarily to provide some shade, but it proved to be too heavy and awkward to get to the roof of the run. So, I put some other old roofing up instead. That chore taken care of, I was taking care of watering and created the next problem myself…..

Do you see the problem?

And that resulted in…..Paridot and Sid in the barnyard. Opportunists.

I managed to get Sid back into the side yard with a little grain. I then showed Paridot the grain scoop, but he had other ideas….

Paridot, “Why eat from a scoop when she leaves the whole grain barrel open and unattended?!”

With a little more grain, I finally got Paridot back where he belonged.

All this left me no time to move the chickens to their new coop like I had planned on as I had to rush off to an appointment.

However, upon my return I was able to move the chickens (see next blog post!), and take time to wrap up the day seeing

…peaches almost ripe in the orchard

… guinea hens cleaning up in the arena

…. chickens in their new run

…. the new lambs running from their stall to the barn to join the flock

…. and wait at gate

“Let us in, let us in!!!”

… a llama coming when he’s called

…. well, ok, he comes for a little more grain

…. and the flock enjoying their dinner. Not a bad way to end the day.

Wilma, “Good-night.”

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