Bringing Home Lilly, Kate…….and Kari

Today was the day to get our new lambs, Lilly – a Lilac Jacob ewe lamb from Meridian Jacobs and Kate, a black Karakul ewe lamb from Fleece of Abali. Here’s the sheep we were choosing from for the Karakuls.

You can’t see their faces yet but I was going back and forth between these two for their color (both will go grey but will they be different?) and the fleece types. The darker one has a very soft curly fleece right now where as the more charcoal grey one has a coarser, tighter fleece.  Of course, I don’t know what their adult fleeces will look like but both the color and fleece types made it hard to choose.

So…….two Karakuls loaded up!

Of course, they have never been on halters before (they are three months old) so walking on them was not on their agenda for the day.

“We are so not going anywhere!”

Well, with a lot of dragging, prodding, and coaxing, we finally got them to their stall.

Now, to go find Lilly. Robin was not quite available when we got there so we started looking for Lilly. It was like “Where’s Waldo?!”

We found her and Robin and Rusty got her to our van.

Having learned a little from bringing the Karakuls home, we decided a different mode of transport for Lilly to get her back to the stall.

Lilly, “Now, THIS is the way to travel!”

We still had to carry her a short distance – glad she isn’t as heavy as the Karakuls! She joined the Karakuls who were not all that thrilled to see her.

Lilly, “I just wanted to say ‘hi’!”

However, we were able to integrate them all into the barn with minimal fuss from the other sheep and Paridot. A little butting to teach them their place – at the bottom – and things have settled for the night. I am keeping them in a separate stall during the day so they can get halter trained and come to grain (making them easier to move around and handle later). At night, however, they all go into the barn for safety. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

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