Going Home

Hi, It’s Marley again. I was trying to get more computer time to finish my story but Jackie insisted on writing about The Llama instead. If I had my own computer in the barn, this would be a lot easier! Also, I was temporarily laid up by a Foxtail in The Eye. Those really hurt. I hate Foxtails. Luckily, Jackie called The Vet and she came and made it all better. Jackie didn’t get any pictures of that as she was too busy holding the halter rope so I didn’t fuss too much. Thank you, Dr. Nancy – you are My Favorite Vet!

I was telling you that we had to graze in That Other Place with the fence that bites. It was good grazing, but I was worried about how we would Get Home to the barn. Jackie sort of had A Plan. It involved haltering The Llama (in my opinion, he gets Way to Much Press)….

That way, Jackie figured, she could lead The Llama and we would follow him – sort of. It worked pretty well as we went across the driveway…..

….through the patio…..

But the backyard looked so tempting…

We thought maybe we could just stay here for awhile…..

But Jackie said we had to Move On. I grabbed a last bite….

Then, through the gate into the barnyard.

Jackie took The Llama’s halter off and he thought he would take us back to the barn.

Of course, there’s always A Shetland who can’t Stay in Line.

I thought we did a pretty good job grazing the New Place, but Jackie keeps mentioning using the Weed Eater more. I thought WE were the Weed Eaters!

Until next time,

Love, Marley

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