Moving the Mowers

Hi, It’s Marley. Jackie is letting me write this post as I was complaining It Had Been Awhile.

Jackie has been complaining that the grass is growing too fast. First, there isn’t enough, then there is too much. I don’t know how there can be Too Much Food, but that’s what she says. So, she wanted us to eat in a Different Place.

“Where are we going?”

Here’s what the grass looked like.

Jackie was worried about how to get us Over There. So, she asked her friend, Robin, for help. Robin suggested putting the Shetlands over there first. I don’t know why [Marley, they are the only one of you guys who are truly halter trained! – ed.]

I guess she thought if they were already there, we would want to be where they were.

That worked until Carmen made a break for it. Silly Shetland.

Jackie thought the best plan was to bring the rest of us through the front pasture. That worked well….

…until we lost Sid and Paridot. Silly Jacob AND llama.

We finally made it to the New Place. It had this funny White Thing around the grass which Robin tied around us.

Turns out that White Thing bites [it is a portable electric fence, ed.]

Marley, “Don’t touch it, Nellie!”

I felt like I did my share just getting us Over Here. So, Winnie and I decided to rest.

The Shetlands are Show Offs and tried to show they could eat the most.

You’d think Paridot did a lot with all the resting he was doing. And, of course, Quentin would hardly leave his side in a New Place.

Nellie thought this grass tasted pretty good, but I was wondering… will we get home? Stay tuned for The Rest of My Story.


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