How to Catch a Llama

Since Paridot joined our flock awhile back, especially after moving him to our farm last fall, I have worked to gain his trust so he would be easier to catch when I need to put a halter on him. He doesn’t mind the halter once it’s on but really has resisted the process of having it put on him.

Recently, I needed to get a halter on him when he was in a field. What I’ve been doing is feeding him a llama cookie every morning while he’s in the barn, and then often putting my arm around him or touching his back – all without a halter in sight. He isn’t fond of being touched but has gotten so he tolerates it.

So, back to the field. His first reaction was “No way!”

"I am so out of here!"

However, I learned from my friend Hamid that if I could get my arm around his neck, I would have more success than what I was trying to do – putting the lead rope around his neck. He had quickly learned he could slip out of that but with my arm around his neck, he actually calms down.

Coming up behind him also seemed to help. He knew I was there but seemed to be more accepting of this approach. Next, get the halter over the muzzle.

Winnie, "Oh-oh Quentin. I hope we're not next!"

Then, just buckle!

That’s it – ready to go! What was this all for? More about that soon!

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  1. You make it look easy peasy.

    • Yeah, but since you train dogs, you know how much time goes into the “little” things!

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