Field Trip

"Here we are - all safe in our home. Notice the new wire roof as someone got the smart idea to try to fly out."

"Now we're in the box Jackie always puts us in when she clean our house."

"Oh-oh, the floor just became the back wall!" "I'm not moving out of this corner until this is over!"

"Hey guys, the floor's a different color out there!"

[They needed a little help getting out of the box.]

"We'll take the first guard duty."

"Hey - you can eat this stuff!"

"Did I just lay that egg?" "Silly chick, we're only 2 weeks old!"

[Thanks, Shelby for the egg. Unfortunately, the other one rolled off the table and broke! I’ve been told when our chickens start laying I can’t keep the eggs on a table!]

"Look, I think we can get out this way and go home!"

[They all got back “home” to their box safely and were busily eating and drinking last I checked!]

Last scene of the weekend: When we went out to put the sheep away tonight, we were greeted by this very peaceful scene. Resting sheep and llama – and Marley catching a last “snack” before bed. Hope your weekend was this nice!

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  1. Looks like the chicks are adapting and what a nice last picture. That’s when you look around and say, “This was the right move”.

    • I can’t believe how fast chickens grow! Yes, it was definitely the “right move”, although a lot of work ahead.

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