Rain = Grass

We finally got some rain and now I have a lot of grass.

Time to call out the sheep. But first, I have to fix this – a huge hole in the ground, filled with water.

I was concerned that a sheep or Paridot could step in it and get injured – it was really deep. 100 pounds of gravel later and it looked like this:

All fixed. Time to call out the sheep and Paridot.

As you may know, sheep need to check out anything new. I put up some cones on the repaired hole.

Cassie wasn’t warned off by them.

But Ingrid and Wilma were not so sure.

Wilma, "Run, Ingrid!"

'This way!"

Ingrid also wasn’t so sure about the dolly and gravel bags I left in the barnyard after fixing the hole.

"I don't like the looks of that."

But there’s bravery  – or safety – in numbers.

But mostly, they just got down to work.

Ingrid, "Are you following me?"

"Hey, where did that flock go?"

So much grass…….

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