We decided that we would get chickens after we got settled in on the farm. Well, still not sure we’re settled in but it is spring so it must be time for chickens! We have decided to stay small as we just want them for eggs and pets. Our source, our favorite local feed store. They get in a nice selection and have very knowledgeable people there for all my questions! Here’s what we had to choose from:

We originally chose two Ameracaunas, two Black Australorps, and one Buff Orpington.

Aren’t they fuzzy?!

At home, I put them into their brooder box in the garage. All the comforts of home – food water and heat! The books show how to tell if you are giving them the right amount of heat – too much and they scatter to the edges of the box, not enough and they huddle together. When I first put them in the box, they were definitely in the “not enough heat” category.

"A little more heat down here, please!!!"

But they soon warmed up and explored their food….

…and water.

We decided to add a couple more chicks the next day – Jersey Giants.

They seem to have settled in well. I am handling them frequently so that they remain tame and easy to handle (I hope!)

In just a few days, their wings feathers are already coming in.

And, after a week, I had to make them a bigger “house”. They are growing so fast!

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  1. they win the cutest chickies of all time! congratulations Jackie! can’t wait to eat omelettes with you and see them all grown up.

    • Thanks for helping with taming them, Marc. They will repay you with all the eggs you want to eat if they are laying by your next visit!

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