More lambs

I am so lucky to have friends who have lambs! I wrote about the Karakul lambs in the last post. This time, it’s Jacobs and CVMs.

Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs has been busy lambing. This year, one of her rams is a lilac. Lilac is a color variation in Jacobs. It results in a greyish brown fleece. We decided we would like to add one to our flock. So, recently Robin and I sorted out the lilac lambs so we could get a good luck at them. Here are the ram lambs.

And here are the ewe lambs.

We haven’t decided for sure yet, but it will be one of these two little girls! They will be weaned in a couple months and then one of them will be ready to move to our farm.

Next stop – my friend Colleen’s farm. She has CVM sheep  – California Variegated Mutants. Odd name, great sheep.

About half of her flock has lambed and most of the ewes who have lambed are out on pasture with the ones still to lamb.

They are still little enough to sometimes want to hide behind mom.

They all look so pretty in the pasture now that we’ve had some rain.

CVM lambs have a variety of color in their fleeces.

This mom and lamb are still inside the barn.

Growing up big takes a lot of rest.

Thanks, Robin and Colleen, for sharing your lambs!

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures of the new lambs. It’s always fun to show of the new lambs.

    • Yeah, and it’s usually only once a year so I have to see all the lambs I can now! Then, I’ll have lots of CVM fiber to look forward to!

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