Hello. This is Marley. We sheep (and llama) have New Names. Jackie is calling us Lawnmowers. I don’t think I completely understand the term, but it seems to mean that we get a New Place to graze – the orchard. Look at what it looked like Before We Came.

Lots of Good Grazing between all those trees.

Please let us in.

The first day Jackie brought us in there was some confusion among some of the sheep ( so what else is new?!)

They started out fine, but then look at What Happened.

Wrong side of the fence, guys! They finally figured it out (I think Jackie had to help them.)

I, of course, Got Right to Work.

The grass was so high, I thought we were going to lose The Shetlands.

For some Unknown Reason, Jackie made us leave The Orchard after a Very Short Time.


"Marley, why aren't we in the orchard? Huh, Marley? Why, Marley?"

Nellie can be such A Pest. I told her Jackie was counting on The Guinea Hens to work on the grass now (I didn’t really believe it but Nellie is So Gullible!)

We tried to go into the Upper Pasture, but no luck there either. I was hoping that Sid could pick the lock but he just complains a lot and eats as much as I do!.

Some Of Us didn’t seem to mind. I think they fill up faster than I do. I think maybe Ingrid is getting as attached to Paridot as Quentin is. Not much Sense of Adventure in those two, but Jackie seems to think they are Pretty Cute.

In a couple days, Jackie let us back in. Look how good the orchard looks now!

But, there is always more to do on A Farm (I hear Jackie mutter that a lot).

"Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go!"

Still not sure what a Lawnmower is but I do know that I take My Job seriously!

Here’s to More Pasture Time.  Love, Marley

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  1. All I know about lawnmowers is that they are noisy and use gas. I know that you are noisy Marley, but do you have gas too?


    • Seems like kind of a Personal Question,
      Border Collie.:-) Please keep All Those Lambs over there. There is Not Enough Pasture over here for them!

  2. Marley, Did Jackie mention what kind of trees grow in your orchard? One of my jobs is to chase the squirrels away from our apple and pear trees but your trees look different from mine.

    Jimmy, Merlin’s dog

    • Hi Jimmy, Jackie says she met you once and that you are A Very Nice Dog, so I will answer your question (I am not usually overly fond of Dogs – the ones here bark at me and one of them, A Border Collie, even tried to chase me!). We have completely grazed the orchard down now so I don’t think we’ll get to sample those trees anymore (Jackie seemed not to happy that one of them was quite cropped. I told her The Llama did it). We have a variety of trees: two kinds of fig, peach, apricot, plum, lime, apple, a lemon (which may not make it), persimmon, and Asian pear. We also have two kinds of table grapes. We don’t seem to have many squirrels. Maybe if we had some, The Dogs would chase them instead of us. Good luck with your Guard Duties! Love, Marley

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