Wash Day

A couple of Farm Club friends – Mary and Dona – asked me if I could show them how I wash fleeces. We set up a date to get together and explore the world of wet wool. I have a way I do it, learned over the last few years through talking to others, reading about it and, of course, trial and error. So, having explained that this is just the way it works best for me, we decided to have them bring some of their unwashed fleeces so they could get a hands-on experience with their own wool.

First, of course, we had to visit the animals. Dona took all the photos for this blog as I was busy figuring out what we were doing. She always takes fantastic photos. Thanks, Dona!

Lately, the guinea hens have been hanging around the sheep a lot and have really gotten to not mind people so much.

Although, I guess this one was a little put off by our presence!

"No, I am NOT a road runner!"

Can you guess what that is in the middle of the photo?

Yes, that was Paridot exploring a tree that fell over the fence in that last big wind.

As usual, the sheep are always curious when visitors come to the farm.

Sid, "Why is Farm Club here, Marley? It's not Shearing Day again, is it?!"

Dona also managed to capture nice shots of our dogs (who would have liked to help with the fleece washing today, in their own way!)




Ok, enough animals – on to wool.

We sorted it…

Washed it….

,,,and dried it.

We looked at ways to work with it after it’s dry.

A picker…

…and a drum carder.

Of course, any good wool event needs food. Mary brought my favorite pizza and Dona brought a very nice salad. Thanks, ladies!

Mary and Dona seemed to enjoy washing wool. I hope seeing all the unwashed fleeces I have will not dampen their enthusiasm but just encourage some caution! A very fun day.

How did this happen???!!!

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