A Small-ish Wooly Adventure

Hi, it’s Marley again. Just wanted to share with you a Small-ish Wooly Adventure I had today. Jackie let us out into my Upper Pasture today. I was disappointed that she didn’t give us any Alfalfa this morning (she seems to think grazing is adequate in the morning and I have yet to Convince Her Otherwise). I was following her around, trying to explain My Dissatisfaction with this theory but she headed up to the top of My Pasture, again muttering something about Fences. I thought I had adequately expressed my opinion on the issue of More Fences (see my last post) but she seems to have other ideas and was taking photos of the Neighbor’s Fence.

I had seen our Neighbors before but this gave me a chance to really talk with them about a Variety of Things. Three llamas and Two Sheep (of unknown breed) live up there.

"Good morning llamas and Sheep

Nellie, the Little Tag-Along, followed me up here. She can be quite pesty but wasn’t too bad this morning.

I had been meaning to ask the llamas and Sheep if their grazing was any better Up There. It has been a little lacking here but Jackie says Rain is Coming, so that is Good News.

Judging by Our Llama, Paridot, llamas are pretty opinionated but this one didn’t have much to say. I re-pharsed my question to the group, but Not Much Success there either. Maybe they don’t Speak Wensleydale.

"Could you ask one of the Sheep to come over here to Translate for me?"

I just thought I might be getting somewhere, when look who showed up! Nellie, let’s Get Out of Here!

Here’s to More Wooly Adventures later.    Love, Marley

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  1. Hey Marley,
    My sheep are all whining about The Lack Of Green Grass too, but from that photo it looks as though there might be more on your side of the fence than the llama side. What’s with the horse? Have you talked to him?

    • Yes,we are lucky to have the Grazing we have. I have no idea what The Neighbors are eating – the Horse was Not Talking either. Wensleydale is, apparently, a Lost Language.

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