A tale of a Very Unusual Saturday

Hi. This is Marley. Jackie is letting me write this post as she thought I would have the right perspective on what happened. Let me tell you about a Very Unusual Saturday.

I knew things were going to be different when she only gave us half our dinner on Friday and NO BREAKFAST Saturday morning! This could only be a Very Bad Sign of things to come. First, we were all put in a small pen.

And then she left us there (she later said she was off helping out at another sheep farm – probably feeding those other sheep instead of us!)

Finally, she got back and more people showed up. There was a nice looking man in the stall next to us setting something up. I thought maybe it was a new feeding station for us. NO! The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back!

The vet said I was a Little Overweight but I thought the healthy way to lose weight was gradually.

Winnie and I tried to warn the others to run….

Then I remembered – it was Shearing Day. I have been through this a few times before, so now I can calm down and help the others understand what was going on.

There is Winnie – she is pretty proud of her fleece and it’s not too bad, even if it is a Spotted Fleece.

Some of the sheep thought that if they huddled together, they could avoid being Sheared. I could have told them that doesn’t work.

We have some Never Been Sheared Sheep in the flock. The Shetlands and Navajo-Churros (small flock members) did not have a clue what was happening.

Cassie, "Do you know why we missed breakfast?" Ingrid, "No, maybe there's a hay shortage?"

. Even after being sheared, Beatrix couldn’t explain to the Shetlands what had just happened.

"...and then he tipped me upside down....."

Poor thing, she was so confused after that, she tried to eat from the Manure Pile.

Quentin is kind of new to this although he has been through one Shearing Day with me at the Old Place – I guess he just doesn’t remember.

"Maybe if I lay on my fleece it will stick back on!"

He’s also kind of worried when he can’t find Paridot.

"Paridot, where are you?!"

"Over here, little buddy. We'll be back together soon. Be patient."

Sometime when we get Sheared, we don’t Recognize Each Other. Sid and I got a little confused.

But, eventually, we figured it out.

We had some Sheep Visitors as well. A few of the Karakuls from the Old Place came over for Shearing.

They weren’t too thrilled about being Sheared. Jennifer fussed about her new hairdo.

"I can't believe what they did to my head!"

"It doesn't look too bad from the back."

Well, the Flock got all back together again and calmed down.

We really are happy to have All That Wool off of us.

And the People really seem to like it.

Maybe if a lot of you comment on my story, Jackie will let me write Another Post!

See you next year!

[Thanks to all our Farm Club friends – and a few others – for help shearing this crazy flock. Special thanks to Dona for all the wonderful photos!]

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  1. Marley, you are a a very good writer. Do you want me to ask Jackie to let you write more posts? I’d like to read them.

    • Yes, Please Robin. You can try – she keeps muttering about lanolin on the keyboard. Whatever. Marley

  2. I loved your blog. You have some beautiful friends; both before and after shearing. And it’s good that they look after each other. Hey how did you like the wind the other day?

    • Thanks, Kathi. I had fun writing it. The wind is kind of scary. Of course, I am big enough – even after shearing – not to blow away. But I have told the Small Flock to stay inside. But do they listen to me….? Nooooooooo..!! Marley

  3. I thought Marley was really well behaved and it was a good time. Yes, the people are very happy with the fleece. What a nice day.

    • Thanks for helping, Chris. Jackie says you are going to work with some of the Karakul’s fleece. That should be fun! Love, Marley

  4. Such a fun day at the farm!

    • Thanks for visiting us Tina and helping gather All Our Fleeces into those bags. You People seem to have a lot of fun washing them and spinning them. Come visit us again soon. Love, Marley

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