New Way to Get Hay

The first time we had hay delivered to the farm they guys hauled it in and stacked it in an area off the main part of the barn. We thought then it would be nice to utilize the loft but using an elevator to get it up into the loft would require a little re-model. Here is what the barn looked like where we wanted to put in a door to the loft.

The front of the barn needed the same treatment, even though we weren’t adding a door there, there were some structural issues to consider.

During construction, feeders needed to be relocated. Don’t worry, the llama and sheep know just where to find their food!

So, with a new door installed, we scheduled a hay delivery. The animals were pretty excited when they saw the truck arrive.

Paridot inspected the load….

…and decided it was ok to eat right from the truck.

Marley, "Paridot, could you pull down some for us - we can't reach!"

It was really neat seeing the hay go up to the door on the elevator.

See the nice door?!

One down, 49 to go.

Inside, it gets stacked neatly – alternating the alfalfa bales with the grass bales.

Marley and Sid explore the almost empty side area where their hay is usually stored.

and look a little worried that all the hay appears to be going up into the loft.

Sid, "Marley, why is all our food going up there - I don't think we can reach it!"

Not to worry, guys, it comes down and goes in the feeders just the same as always.

Nellie, "Whew! Tastes the same when it comes from upstairs!"

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