New Pasture

This blog post will seem out of order as I have not yet introduced four of our sheep – the Navajo-Churros and Shetlands who were featured in previous posts before joining our flock. I will fill in the back story later but wanted to share today’s flock event.

We had decided to fence off the very front edge of our property so as to let the sheep and Paridot graze there. We don’t really need more room for them but it seemed like a good idea to help keep the grass in this area mowed. Today was the first day they were allowed in that pasture.

Taking a little hay over and opening the gate got most of the flock in. However, the “small flock” (Shetlands and Churros) and Quentin didn’t really understand what we were doing.

"I don't think we're supposed to go in there."

"Nope, definitely not our pastrue."

With some encouragement and a little leadership from the Shetlands, they all finally decided they could come in…


…except Ingrid, who could just not get up the courage to go through the strange gate, even with best friend Beatrix on the other side.


Happily, I was able to move behind her and “herd” her into the pasture, where she knew she wanted to go anyway.

Ingrid, "That was scary!" Beatrix, "Next time, stick with me."

The flock thoroughly enjoyed exploring the new pasture.

There is a seasonal creek in this area but it doesn’t look like the terrain will give them any trouble.

After an couple hours of grazing…

Nellie, "Don't we look nice out here?!"

…the flock seems in a hurry to go back to their old pasture. Why? Rusty has arrived! Robin came over to help me figure out the set-up for shearing day here this Saturday and we thought Rusty might like to do a little work.

Cassie, the Shetland, objects slightly to being moved this way.

But Rusty convince her to catch up with the rest of the flock.

Good boy, Rusty!


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  1. Very nice, it looks like there was alittle green in the new pasture and the sheep have a new area to explore.

    • They loved the grass that was there, the bushes, and Paridot nibbled on some tree leaves – all in all, a new buffet!

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