Moving Day

After returning home from England, it was time to  move our sheep to our new farm. They have been living for the last year and a half in a pasture nearby. They got really good care there but now it was time for them to live where we do.

Here ‘s the flock on their last day in the old pasture.

Marley grabs a last bite to eat…

"You never know when you're going to get another chance to eat!"

Luckily, I had good friends Robin and Kathy and Hamid to help. We decided that Paridot should get loaded first.

"Who ok'd this move?"

"No, really, whose idea was this?!"

Rusty makes sure the rest of the flock stays under control.

Marley says good-bye to Kathy (for now…)

…and then heads off for his next adventure.

Others were not quite as thrilled….!!!

Finally, they were all in…and off to the new farm. There, they quickly settled in, checking out the water supply and the grazing opportunities.

"Not much green here yet, but it has potential."

Even Paridot seems to approve.

"Welcome to my barn1'

Nellie, "Where's Marley?" Paridot, "Probably off somewhere eating again!"

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