Trip to England, Part 3: The Village of Nayland

So, as promised in the last post, I wanted to share a little about the village of Nayland, where Jason Collingwood’s Workshop is located.  Nayland is in the Stour Valley in Suffolk, in the eastern part of England. I was able to look around a little at the beginning of the weaving course (before I figured out I needed to spend more time at the loom) and at the end of the week when my rug was finished.

One of the things that impressed me was how old everything was – historically old. Every town in England seems to have a High Street. Here is the sign for Nayland’s High Street.

There were also signs on the buildings to mark streets or lanes, rather than on poles. Lucky for me as it was easy for me to get lost, even in a small village!

Of course, signs were not limited to street identification. Some signs tell you where other things are:

Other signs tell you a home’s name:

And, of course, a pub sign.

Jason had assured me there were some sheep in the neighborhood. But where? Well, there was a “wool church” nearby – so named as this class of churches was built by the money from the wool trade in the 11th to 16th centuries. This money allowed them to build amazing churches, especially in East Anglia and the Cotswolds. This church was right across the lane from the Workshop, so I got to see it every day.

But where are the sheep? I found cows….

These ones were not sure I was supposed to be on the path below them. I decided to move on.

So, how about down by the river Stour?

I found dogs who also didn’t think I was supposed to be there…

"Come over to out side of the river!"

…and I found swans – who totally ignored me.

And, finally……….sheep!

I think these are a ewe and her lambs – maybe a Suffolk cross? (Well, we are in Suffolk after all!)

I’m not sure who this is but, as I was to learn at my next stop, there are a lot of sheep breeds in England!

So, having found my sheep, I was ready to move on to a sheep show!

"Sheep Show?! Take me with you, please!"

Next post: Sheep show and auction in the market town of Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire.

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  1. You are so descriptive! I feel like I’m on the walk with you.

  2. The ears look a bit borderleister to me. Loving the blog, can’t wait for the Yolo presentation.

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