Pasture Conversation

I recently stopped by the pasture to tell the sheep and llama that soon they will be moving to new quarters – our farm! They had a few things to say about that……

Paridot, "We're going WHERE???!"

Paridot, "Yeah, guys, I guess we've grazed this one out."

"Nellie, I've told you 100 times - stay away from fences!"

Marley, "This guy is getting almost as big as i am - it's time to find more food!"

Quentn, "What's with your horns?" (Nothing to do with moving but this is just how Quentin thinks)

Paridot, "OK, you guys watch that way for the moving truck, I've got the other direction covered."

Quentin, "Stand still Paridot so I can get some shade" (Again, just how Quentin thinks).

Wilma, "Do you think if we all hide behind Paridot that they won't find us?"

Winnie, "Ha! I blend in better than you do!" (Obviously, Winnie doesn't completely understand the concept of camouflage)

Winnie, "I hear there's a border collie coming to move us - you go that way and I'll head him off this way."

OK, let’s hope they’re all more cooperative on the actual moving day!

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  1. Thank you for m,y early morning laugh!

    • You’re welcome. The sheep and Paridot are happy to provide laughter whenever possible!

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