Hay Day

Do you remember a photo  like this from an earlier post?

For almost two years now, I’ve been hauling hay for our sheep in the back of my van, two bales at a time. Now that we’re moving the sheep to our farm soon, it was time to get our first hay delivery!

This is the feed store’s smallest truck – appropriate for 30 bales of hay and 10 of straw (although the guys told me I’m not the smallest delivery they’ve made – one lady only gets 12 at a time!)

The straw fit into two stalls at the back of the barn….

The hay went into a side area – they really packed it in!

Oh, oh…..do you see a problem?

…..Paridot, Marley and maybe others will be able to reach the hay! Somehow, I thought putting it in this side area would keep it safe from grazing mouths. So, before the sheep and llama arrive, I will be tarping this area and maybe finding some other way to build up the sides a little to create a barrier.

A longer-term solution may involve utilizing the  hay loft, which has not been cleaned out yet.

I discussed it with the feed store guys. They have a gasoline powered elevator that they can bring to send the bales up into the loft. I will need to create an opening in the side of the barn at loft-level. It would be nice to store hay up there and just move down bales to the side storage area and keep the level there low enough to avoid munching.

Now, just add sheep and llama!

Doesn't this look nice?!

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  1. A couple of pieces of plywood on end slid in between the hay and the wall will take care of it.

    • That’s one of the ideas I had as well – I was just wondering if they would be craftier than that and try to pull it through any gaps. I’ll try it!

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