Farm Chores

I came up to the farm today with a general list of things to get done:

  1. work on cleaning out the barn
  2. feed guinea hens
  3. chop weeds in barnyard
As usual, working on the farm is so much more complicated – and interesting – than a bare list can communicate.
Cleaning the barn
We have been working on getting the barn ready for our sheep and llama to move in. This necessitates cleaning out old hay, straw and manure. This is coming along pretty well. (When I opened the barn door today I was greeted by a squirrel and a rat in the roof area. “Templeton” the rat and I have agreed to a temporary truce.)
My husband came up with me recently and we made quite a bit of progress. These areas are coming along.
We did discover a very packed floor of manure over dirt. The question was how far to dig down. We obviously haven’t decided on that yet and right now have two levels of floor.
Still to clean out, the rest of the main area
A side area where we plan on storing hay and straw bales
The hay loft (and, no, I’m not climbing up there to get a better photo!)
And at least one of the outside covered stalls where Beatrix and Ingrid, our new Navajo Churro ewe lambs, will stay as I work on getting them used to their halters and being handled
As I work more on cleaning out the barn, I think I’ve learned the meaning of “sweat equity”. It is hard and dirty work but the end result is worth it!
OK, this wasn’t on my chore list but it seemed like a good day to water the manure pile. I have been told this may help “heat” it up a little and speed the composting process. With all the dried manure from our barn “floor” being added to the pile, this seemed like a good time to do it.
Watering it meant I needed to get the hose over there. First try, hose was too short. I remembered that the previous owners had showed me a lot of hoses in a shed next to the pump house. Ah-ha.
Now, I had water to the pile. I admit, I spent longer than I needed to, playing in the water, watching rainbows form in the spray. Well, I don’t know how much water it takes so I gave it a good soaking. I probably should have turned it at this point but I was running out of energy.
Next chore:
Feed guinea hens
I have been putting out feed for them and it is disappearing but I’m not sure if they’re the only ones eating it. By the way, we saw them and their chick yesterday. Today, they moved away too quickly for me to see if the chick was with them.
Next chore:
 Chop down weeds
Not today!

Notice my brush cutting tool in the foreground - works really well when I get a chance to use it!

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