How to Give a Llama a Haircut

Our llama, Paridot, was due for his yearly trim. I have taken one very short shearing class so no way was I going to try this on my own. Luckily, my friend Julie, who sold us Paridot, was available. She is a professional shearer and had sheared Paridot for me last year before I purchased him. Not only was she willing to shear him but was also willing to help teach me how to do it.

Step 1: Clear off debris from the fleece with this handy tool – a “slick and go crimp tool”. It gets the surface debris off the fleece without harming the nature of the fleece.

Isn't this a cool tool?!

Step 2: Use a truck, tree, lead ropes, and sheep stand to position and contain llama during shearing

Step 3: Feel the contour of the llama before adding a sharp shearing tool to the mix

Step 4: Shear while being carefully supervised by instructor

This takes a lot of concentration!

Step 5: Let instructor get the hard parts

Step 6: When halfway done, let llama get a snack

"It's almost worth getting sheared to get a chance at these leaves!"

Step 7: Re-position llama to reach other side

Step 8: Notice how dirty comb and cutter get after shearing one llama!

Step 9: Feed llama a cookie for being such a good boy!

"OK, it's a toss-up between those leaves and these delicious apple cookies!"

Step 10: Admire a beautifully sheared llama!

Step 11: Get llama back to his flock

"Paridot, we don't like being in here without you! Couldn't you get sheared when we do?"

Step 12: Let llama finish his breakfast

"Ahhh..breakfast and a good roll in the dirt - perfect day!"

Now, I’m looking forward to processing my first llama fleece!

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