What do Navajo Churro Sheep and Shetland Sheep Have in Common?

Two of each will be moving to Wooly Acres Farm this fall!

On our trip to Oregon for Black Sheep Gathering, we took a little time to visit Ingrid Painter’s farm, Puddleduck Farm. Ingrid has been breeding Jacob Sheep and Navajo Churros for quite some time. I first met Ingrid at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and have bought a number of Churro fleeces from her since then. I had been thinking of getting some Churros for quite some time (they were the other breed I considered starting with but went with Jacobs instead) and this summer seemed like the right time to approach Ingrid. She has a beautfiul group of lambs this year so it was really hard to choose.

I wanted a couple contrasting colors. Churros come in a wide variety of colors and their color changes as they get older. After consulting with Ingrid, I finally settled on this beautiful little red girl whom we have named “Ingrid”.

She will eventually lighten to a more oatmeal like color.

Our second ewe lamb choice is this little black one, who will eventually be silver as she gets older. We have named her “Beatrix” to follow the Puddleduck theme (the characters created by Beatrix Potter)

We are going up to Oregon Flock and Fiber in September to pick them up.

So, eight sheep and a llama. That feels about right, right? Apparently not so. While visiting the California State Fair, I fell in love with two little Shetland Sheep ewe lambs. Shetland Sheep also fit into my “business plan” for my fiber business – working with the wool of primitive or rare sheep breeds.

So, meet “Carmen” and “Cassie”, March lambs.

Carmen is extremely friendly, wanting to be petted and wagging her tail (reminds me of a big black Wensleydale I know!)

Look at that face!

Cassie is not quite as outgoing but is a beautiful little black ewe – I’ve now heard from a fellow Farm Club member, Dona, that it is good luck to have a black sheep in your flock. Cassie will stay this color, according to her breeder.

These two will join our flock after Lambtown in October. Then, the flock will be complete (for awhile, at least!)

"Not sure where Wooly Acres is, but I hear we're moving there this fall. As long as it has alfalfa, I don't think I care where we live!"

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  1. I knew there’d be more!!!!!!

    • Yes, it is apparently a very slippery slope! Maybe there are sheep in your family’s future as well?!

  2. I leave town for 2 weeks and you get more sheep! Wow! What great choices.I can’t wait see see all your sheep together.

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