What Can You Make With This?

This is a bunch of baling twine from my friend, Rose’s, farm in Michigan. I saw it in her barn when I visited her and was surprised to see baling twine made from jute (I think). What I get on my bales of hay is synthetic. Rose offered me as much as I wanted so I shipped it back to California, along with a few fleeces!

I thought maybe I could weave with it. I warped the loom with some cotton rug warp and then just used my hands to weave the twine through the warp.

Most of the twine was green but there was the occasional yellow strand. The mat is a little looser than I had planned on but washing it in hot water tightened it up a little. I think it is pretty and am planning on doing a few more!

Guinea Hen Update:

Yesterday, it appeared as if the nest had been attacked – lots of feathers all over the place. I thought at least one of the adults must have been killed. However, I soon heard the usual guinea hen chortling and saw all four adults – and one chick! Not sure what all the feathers are from but there must have been some fight!

Today, all four adults were calmly walking around the property – trailed by two chicks! I hope they hang in there – I’d like to see an increase in the flock (herd? gaggle?). Hopefully, I’ll get some more photos soon. So far, it looks like they are taking care of the chicks – or at least the chicks know who to stick with!

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  1. That’s such a creative reuse of the twine. I love it!

    • Well, it seemed a little crazy to ship it from Michigan to California, but now I’m glad I did!

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