Building a Manure Pile

OK, if the title makes you want to stop reading, I will understand.  (Our oldest daughter said, “Mom! No one will want to read about that!” I say, it just goes to show that you can write a blog post about almost anything!) However, if you have farm animals, like sheep, it is inevitable that this subject comes up. So, I thought I’d get a start on creating one.

I need to get our barn cleaned out and ready for our sheep and llama. There is a lot of old straw and hay in it…..

…but not a lot of manure as the goats, sheep, and llama who lived here have been gone for awhile.

So, luckly, I have access to plenty where our sheep and llama are living now. I stopped by the pasture and gathered some of Paridot’s. Marley, as always, is interested in what is going on in his pasture.

"I don't know what she's doing, but it isn't what I expected to see in there."

I had to transport the manure in the van – our van works hard as a vehicle for animal transport, hay transport, and….apparently other things as well!

This may be why some people no longer like riding with me!

After consulting with Robin, I decided where to start my new project. A muck cart comes in very handy for hauling the hay/straw.

Now, I just needed to layer the manure with straw and the let the magic begin – with some frequent turning, a little water, and more straw and manure I will eventually have some very soil-like compost, ready for the garden.

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  1. Great post! Always a joy to hear about that lovely process which makes the world go round! You will have a beautiful garden!

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