Nellie’s Wooly Adventure

My friends and I just got back from a trip to Oregon. The people sat around (drinking wine, I think) and decided that I should write this blog for Jackie. Apparently, she is too exhausted from the trip to do it for herself. Whatever. So, for once, you’ll get the real story from a sheep’s point of view. I am following in the hoof-prints of another sheep author, Nanoo Nanoo , featured in the book Ruminations of a Grumpy Shepherd. by Dick Regnery.  Not sure what he has to be grumpy about but that is probably a story for another time…   We set out for a special show, just for us sheep: Black Sheep Gathering. For some reason, we had to wear these funny coats. I didn’t like them much. I rode in the truck with my friends with Robin as driver and Dona as photographer extraordinaire (Jackie says I should thank her for some of the photos for this blog and thank Tina for getting us there and back safely and thank Kathy for lots of interesting conversation which kept Jackie awake on a long drive!) but Jackie and her people friends drove up in our van. Kathy had to be squished in amongst fiber we were hauling for Robin. Of course, she likes the smell of wool so that was no problem! I think Jackie packed her in so she wouldn’t fall out. Robin did the same for us by securing us in the back of the truck.  We got as far as Shasta County but then Robin got pulled over by the sheriff. He thought maybe she stole us but she was able to quickly straighten him out (see her blog for more details!). However, Jackie and her friends told me to watch carefully for any more flashing lights and to have the others lay down and hide if I gave them the word. Glad to know that everyone knows I’m in charge of these sheep.

notice who is the ONLY one watching for flashing lights!

When we got there, we were really hungry. I guess the people were hungry, too. First up for us the next day was the Jacob Sheep show. Jackie gives me a little encouragement before going into the ring… ….but that was not really necessary as we walk to the head of the line…. ….and maintain eye contact with the judge from my first place position [Ed. Nellie’s confidence is admirable. However, as smart as she is, she does not know the head of the line – 1st place – from the end of the line. She is small but powerful!] It was a busy show. However, we found time to participate in a fashion show… …meet with admirers… …and get in a little rest. We sheep were busy but so was Robin. Besides organizing us during the show, she had to direct the repair of the camper shade on Chris’ camper… And lead us all back to the truck to load up at the end of the show.   I took up my usual post to watch out for whatever as we headed home. Today, Jackie came to get me from Robin’s place because she needed my help with some other sheep of hers. Apparently, I was singing too loudly on the trip for Jackie’s daughter, Abi, as I heard her ask if they made muzzles for sheep on our way over to the new place. I saw the welcoming committee waiting for me as we arrived… They look like a rather motley group so I can see why Jackie needs me here.

As in the sheep show, I will take the lead and quickly get this group in shape.

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  1. Thank you for this view of the weekend! Nellie is a good writer.

    • You’re welcome – I like being a sheep ghost writer!

  2. I’m glad to see someone taking charge of that group of sheep, Nellie. We’ll miss you here (but I won’t have to worry about tripping over a sheep when I am feeding).

    • Apparently she’s having a few second thoughts – her voice was a few notes higher today and she has been baa-ing pretty constantly and has gotten a little hoarse (or maybe it’s from trying to get those other sheep to listen to her!)

  3. Adorable in person and on the blog 🙂 Good job Nellie!

    • Thanks, Shannon! She knows she’s cute but will be glad you think so, too! It was nice seeing you at BSG – and spending time with Theron. What a great kid.

  4. Nellie, glad you’re happy in your new home! You were fabulous and took first place in all our hearts.

    • Thanks, Tina. Come see me soon – Love, Nellie

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