Artery Show Entry

Awhile back, Robin Lynde (Meridian Jacobs) asked me if I would like to participate in a show at the Artery in Davis. The Artery is a very nice artists’ co-op and Robin is a member there. The membership decided to have a show for friends of the artists. The theme was “8 x 8 = small + great” and described as “an invitational exhibit of small works by Artery friends”. The idea was that each entry was no larger than 8 x 8 inches.

Most of the entries were small paintings but a few of us tried out other media. I thought of a couple different things. The first was a piece inspired by the needle-felted sheep of Shannon Phifer in Oregon ( I had been playing around with the very cute  sheep she created and making them breed-specific sheep. I thought it would be fun to create a “Spinner’s Flock” on an 8 x 8 artist’s canvas. I made four sheep – a Jacob (of course!), a Wensleydale (the one with a mouthful of grass – just like our Marley!), a Karakul and a California Red. Each sheep is made of the wool of that breed.

My second entry gave me a chance to try out some yarn I had made recently. I made a knitted and then fulled bowl out of my handspun Jacob. For the base of the bowl I used some of Robin’s Jacob britch white roving. For the rim of the bowl, I used some handspun I made from the fleece of Tina, a Jacob lamb.

It was a gorgeous fleece. I separated the colors and spun white and black and then two plyed it. But I also created little “twigs” as I plyed it by holding out of the strands to have it stick out a little from the yarn.

see the "twigs"?

I wasn’t sure what this would look like when I felted it so I did a sample flat piece and the “twigs” felted as well, which is what I had hoped for. Robin got some nice shots of the pieces when they were on exhibit at the Artery (thanks, Robin!).

Now, I’m thinking about what I’m going to make out of the rest of Tina’s lamb fleece!

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