A Fleecy Day

I seem to be thinking about and working with fleeces a lot lately. I think these things go in spells…..

The three fleeces I bought in Michigan (see previous blog post) arrived today. I thought I’d share some details of them here. Rose has a story for every sheep she owns and it was fascinating listening to her. She passes this information along in writing to each buyer and provides them with a photo card of each sheep as well.

The first is from Katrina. Her fleece is very dark – almost black. She is a double Merino – CVM (a Merino crossed with a Merino-CVM cross). This is her 2nd year fleece and it was 9 1/2 pounds skirted weight. Rose wrote about her: “Katrina was born after a hurricane of details to move her mom, Lacey, after my friend Kristi [who owned her] died…”

Katrina fleece

The second one is Nevaeh. She is all CVM and this is also her 2nd year fleece, with a skirted weight of 9 pounds. Rose writes: “Nevaeh is a classic ‘clown-face’ CVM. She came to be my girl after a terrible barn fire at her first home. So, she was named ‘Nevaeh’ which is ‘heaven’ spelled backward as she’d come through hell-fire to live”. Her fleece is just beautiful!

Nevaeh fleece

The last fleece is from Boris. He is a Black Merino/Black Cotswold cross. This was his 3 year fleece with a 5 1/2 inch staple. Its skirted weight is 11 1/2 pounds! I love Rose’s card for him: “Even though I am very big now, and sometimes am called ‘Buffalo Boy’, my shepherd still calls me ‘Baby Boris’ or ‘Cutest Lamb Ever’. I am the last lamb from my Mom, a Black Cotswold named ‘Amazing Grace’. My Dad is ‘Percy’ the amazing black Australian Merino ram. My shepherd thinks my wool is amazing. Hey! That makes me 1/2 Merino, 1/2 Black Cotswold, and Totally Amazing”.

Boris fleece - look at that staple length!

Get out the wash buckets – I’ve got a lot of wonderful fleeces to wash!

Boris' card

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