Wooly adventure in Michigan and New York

I just got back from a trip to visit family and friends in Michigan and New York City.

In Michigan it was really easy to have a wooly adventure – I visited my friend, Rose’s, farm. I had met Rose a couple years ago at her booth at the Michigan Fiber Festival. She has about 20-30 sheep (more after lambing!) in southwest Michigan. I have gotten a couple fleeces from her before so thought I’d see what she had now as they had just finished shearing a couple weeks ago. I had not visited her farm before so this was a real treat.

When I arrived, she and her husband were feeding sheep. It’s interesting to see how everyone does this differently. One thing was familiar right away – her llama, Diamond, enjoys her food as much as Paridot does!

Rose has different breeds of sheep. Her ram is Percy, a black Merino. I have had fleeces from some of his lambs when he was crossed with a Cotswold ewe.

Magnificent Percy

I chose Boris’ fleece this year. He is from Percy, the black Merino and a Cotswold ewe.


I’m also getting a fleece from Neveah, a CVM (California Variegated Mutant) who survived a fire on a neighboring farm.

Nevaeh, "Aren't I cute?"

"And look at my beautiful fleece!"

Rose had about 10 lambs this spring.

Rosa and Margeaux

Rosa is a Merino-Corriedale and she was bred to Percy, the black Merino ram to produce Margeaux.

Esther, a Corriedale was also bred to Percy and had twins –  Palmer (white ram lamb) and Trinity, a ewe lamb.

"It's handy to have your brother nearby when you want to rest your head!"

Rose let all the ewes without lambs outside first after feeding.

They went out to graze. Then out came the ewes with lambs.

Look at all those colors!

They do love to run to pasture!

The grazing here was impressive, especially as I know that we will be drying down soon back home.

Rose’s farm is so pretty and it was a pleasure to visit – and I was happy to ship home three fleeces!

Then, I went on to New York City to visit our daughter for the weekend. It is tough to find sheep or any animal fiber in NYC!

I found this in the airport…

Brooks Brothers has a sheep for a logo (I did not know that!)…

We took a carriage ride in Central Park. The guide showed us Sheep Meadow. Where are the sheep??!!!

Are those sheep out there?

Turns out, “Sheep Meadow”, a 15-acre field, was originally established as a parade ground for military drills. They gave up on this usage in 1864 and put 200 sheep there, housing them in a Victorian building. The sheep were re-located in 1934 to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to make way for Tavern on the Green, so I missed seeing the sheep there! However, I did get some quality time with our horse, Dream. She is five years old and has only been on the job for 6 weeks. These horses are really bomb-proof the way they stay cool with taxis whizzing by!

Dream really likes carrots!

That was a little scary as taxis zoomed past our carriage!

I woke up Saturday morning to find a street fair setting up outside my hotel. Maybe I would find some fiber there!

Lots of stuff being sold – everything from scarves to psychic readings and soaps to glow-in-the -dark-real-bug jewelry – but no fiber.

pretty scarves

I’m sure there is fiber there somewhere but nowhere I was. However, we did eat lunch at Pret A Manger and their artwork was very creative!

close-up of knitting with pasta and chopsticks!

Fun trip, but – as always – glad to be home!

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  1. What a great travelog.I very much enjoyed it. Thank you

  2. I didn’t get a chance to hear about all this today. I look forward to details tomorrow.

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