Can you tell the difference?

Our vet made a recent farm visit to deal with a minor skin problem Marley had. While there, she showed me how to do a condition check on the sheep by checking the fat over their backbone, ribs, and hip bone/sacral vertebrae area. We checked Marley and Sid. On a scale of 1-9, Marley is about a 6 and Sid is about a 4.

We discussed nutrition and the vet says that our sheep do not need alfalfa as they are not working (breeding) right now. So, she suggested moving them to grass hay. I stopped at the feed store and got a couple bales of orchard grass – which is usually used for horses around here and is considered quite nice.

Here are a couple flakes side by side – can you tell which is the alfalfa and which is the grass hay?

It’s grass hay on the left and alfalfa on the right.  I have been told by several people that the sheep won’t like it as well. I decided to toss a flake over the fence and see what happened. It wasn’t feeding time but that usually doesn’t matter!

Sid, as usual, ended up with some on his head (and I wonder why his fleece is so messy!)

They dug in without much hesitation.

"This tastes a little different - but it is still green!"

Paridot managed to grab a mouthful, too.

We’ll see what they think of it after a few days – I’ve heard they may start out enthusiastic but then change their minds!

(Couldn’t resist putting in this pretty head shot of Marley).

"Like I said, if it's green, I eat it."

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  1. You have really cute animals! Thought I’d tell you in case I forgot before!

    Interesting, I didn’t know they wouldn’t need Alfalfa…

    • The longer I have sheep, the more I learn! I kind of like the looks of the alfalfa better, but maybe that’s because that’s what I’m used to.

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