Time for a Haircut

When explaining to kids why the sheep need to get sheared, we tell them that, just like some of them, the sheep need a haircut once or twice a year. Well, it’s almost time for Marley and Quentin’s “haircuts”. Marley, a Wensleydale, and Quentin, a Karakul sheep need to be sheared about twice a year. They have very different wool but, on both of them, it grows really fast.

Marley wil have his distinctive forelock left untouched (I’ve read for “aesthetic” reasons – we just think it looks cute!)

"See my distinctive forelock?"

However, those sideburns (mutton chops???) have to go.

Marley’s wool is beautiful and long. He was last sheared in November.

Quentin, our little Karakul wether was born last July. His fleece is beautiful, with very long staples – maybe 7 or 8 inches right now. He is still very skittish so I don’t get my hands on him much yet. But I am looking forward to working with his wool!

"Catch me if you can!"

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  1. I love the wrinkles on Marley’s nose. He looks like quite the character.

    • Yes, and “character” might be selling him short! In less than a year, he has charmed us, frustrated us, and provided us with endless funny photos. He usually thinks he’s a dog, comes when he’s called and wags his tail. He thinks he’s the boss but Paridot, our llama, is really the one in charge.

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