Another Shearing Day

Saturday was Shearing Day at Forest Home Farms in San Ramon. I was invited to come and spin and have a booth for my handspun items. This is the same farm where I volunteer with school groups and where my Border Collie, Mobi, takes his herding lessons so I was pleased to be a part of this event.

The weather was perfect and an amazing crowd of about 1200 people – lots of families – showed up to watch the shearing, get rides on the train, and visit with people who were spinning, felting, lace making, quilting and turning wood. I wish I’d had time to see everything!

They had a large seating area for those watching the shearing which was held on the other side of the fence. I didn’t know that shearing was a spectator sport! But people were really fascinated, watching around 60 sheep get sheared.

I was able to set up an area for my things as well as spinning and letting a lot of children work the drum carder. They were fascinated with the difference between the wool going in and the beautiful batts coming out. I was able to get a little spinning done – some white Jacob I am getting ready for a weaving project.

Most of the sheep here have some California Red in them and I had reserved a couple fleeces of some pure bred ones. Here is a large lamb – 9 month old “Boone” getting sheared. He has a very red fleece and will be lots of fun to work with.

The shearing set-up was really nice. A few sheep at a time waited their turn in a pen nearby.

A lot of volunteers from local guilds, the sheep co-op and others turned out to help. Here are some skirting fleeces – using a futon frame as a skirting table!

Not a great shot, but there were a lot of Border Collies there helping to move the sheep around. Not Mobi, but maybe next year!

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