Too Much Rain?

We have had a lot of rain lately, and that is an understatement. The farm where I keep my flock has been getting what seems like more than its fair share. This morning I got a call from my landlords that a sink hole had suddenly appeared in their driveway!

Now, this may look just like a big puddle but, trust me, it makes the driveway not safe to drive in for fears of sinking away. This mean that when making my usual alfalfa delivery (luckily, I only do two bales at a time)…..

…I had to break the bales up into flakes so as to hand carry them into the barn.

Luckily for me, my daughter was visiting from New York and was able to help me.

With all the rain, it was also a good day to put down some more straw in the pasture and shelter to give the flock some better footing and a dry place to lie down.

Of course, Marley assumed it was something to eat, as usual.

"Funny, this doesn't taste like alfalfa!"

The rain looks like it may be stopping for now. Maybe I can move on to some other flock chores like hoof trimming!

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  1. Good thing you weren’t driving in the driveway at that time. That’s a great photo of your daughter with the hay.

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