Lamb Throw

I wanted to do something special with the lamb (first) fleeces from our three Jacobs: Wilma, Winnie and Sid. These will be their softest fleeces and I thought weaving a throw from them would be something with which to showcase these one-time only fleeces.

The plan was to process and spin the fleeces and then find some way to keep them separate from each other yet have them come together in an attractive way. Wilma and Winnie both have a mixture of black and white in their fleeces…….



….while Sid is mostly black, but with a unique design in white.

Sid, "Notice my interesting fleece!"

I decided to use some commercially spun Jacob in a dark grey for the warp.

warp on frame

Robin at Meridian Jacobs helped me with the weave structure. I wanted to retain as much of the actual colors of the fleeces as possible, not diluting them with a warp that showed a lot. She explained that a 1,2 twill would keep the appearance of the warp at a minimum so that’s what I went with. I also decided that the way to keep the fleeces separate was to weave them in the order of Wilma, then Sid, then Winnie, with a band of Wilma’s dark wool to start with and a band of Winnie’s dark wool at the other end.

The Jacobs model the weaving order - right to left: Wilma, Sid, Winnie

throw on loom

Off the loom, the Wilma and Winnie sections looked like this:

To create the special Sid design, I used some of his white wool to needle weave the design onto his section.

Since I hadn’t learned how to double-weave at this time, I wove the length twice and stitched the two sections together to achieve the width I wanted.

The throw was a gift for my husband for Christmas – Christmas just had to come in March this year! Since it’s still cold here, he’s glad to have it, even late.

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  1. Awesome!!!

    • Glad you like it. I was really fun to plan and carry out.

  2. Great job Jackie! It looked so pretty and felt so soft in person.

    • Thanks, Tina. It is soft, isn’t it?! And I’ve still got a lot of yarn left to do something else with!

  3. Good post about your great blanket!

    • Thanks, Robin. I appreciate all your help with it!

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