Forest Home Farms: A WoolyAdventure in San Ramon

I volunteer occasionally at Forest Home Farms in San Ramon. I originally started visiting there to get herding lessons for my Border Collie, Mobi. He is learning to herd and I hope to have a post about him soon!

Forest Home Farms is a 16 acre farm donated to the city by the Boone family to be used as a historic park. A co-op takes care of the sheep there as well as other animals.

California Red and Barbados sheep

The site is available for school group tours. The children meet the chickens, do a little gardening, watch a sheep herding demonstration and groom a horse. I demonstrate how to work with the fleeces, carding and spinning the wool into yarn. I use wool from these sheep which makes a nice connection for the children to the animals they have just petted and learned about. The children are really interested to see something most of them have not seen before. Today I set up in a portion of the barn.

Drum carder, spinning wheel and washed and unwashed fleece

California Red sheep have a very interesting fleece. They are a breed created by the crossing of Tunis and Barbados Sheep. The red hairs of the Barbados give the fleece its characteristic reddish color. Some of the sheep are redder than others.

Three California Reds

“Boone”, the sheep on the right, is the reddest in this group. He is named after the original owners of the farm. I have reserved his fleece at Shearing Day this year!

Close-up of Boone's fleece

Here, Boone and Iola the horse share some hay.

"It's not easy getting it out of this bag, is it Iola?"

It was a good day!

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