Laura’s Yarn – Revisited

Last year I posted a photo of some yarn I spun for my friend, Tina. It was from a fleece from a Jacob ewe named Laura. Here’s the yarn:

And here’s what Tina did with it:

Isn’t that beautiful?!

For the weavers out there, Tina shared the following information:

She wove the rug on her LeClerc 4 harness floor loom. She planned the project to be a 30″ by 50″ rug and it came out close – about 28 or 29 1/2 ” by 45″. She used lilac Jacob yarn from Meridian Jacobs for the warp and Laura’s handspun for the weft and used a 6 dent reed.

Tina says “I didn’t want a pattern to distract from the handspun so I just went with plain weave”.

Here’s a detail photo:

Beautiful work, Tina!

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  1. Aww, thanks Jackie! It was such nice yarn to work with. I have a lot left so I can’t wait to do something else with Laura.

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