“Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you” – Meet Quentin

Late last year, I purchased a young Karakul wether named Quentin from my pasture landlords. He has stayed with the Karakul ewes until recently. We decided last week that he was ready to join my flock across the way from his pasture.

Now, this was OUR idea, not necessarily Quentin’s. After a few attempts to capture him, Kathy’s neighbor, Andy, offered to come over with his Border Collie and move the sheep into the barn. From there we were able to get a halter on Quentin and get him moved over to my pasture area. We stayed outside of the fence for a little bit, letting my sheep and llama get in some sniffing. When things seemed fine, we took Quentin inside the pasture and then, shortly thereafter, removed his halter and let him really meet the crew.

There was a little chaos initially when the others met him. Lots of running around and sniffing.

Quentin wasn’t sure he belonged in this flock and stayed apart some.

He thought that maybe he should be with the Karakul rams next door.

"Maybe he belongs over there with them."

The Jacobs weren’t sure at first if he belonged there, either.

"He's behind us, isn't he?"

But Wilma decided that he needed a little mothering and started be-friending him.

They really started getting along.

Day 2 found Wilma and Quentin still hanging out together and the others seem to be at least tolerating him.


Now, while following Wilma around is great….

….Quentin has found his new love – Paridot. He follows him everywhere.

Not sure Paridot feels the same way, but they do seem to be getting along fine.

Welcome, Quentin!



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  1. I love Quentin! He is adorable!

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