Llama Saga

One of Webster’s definitions of “saga” is a “long, detailed account”. This is what my experience with our llama, Paridot, is turning out to be.

You may remember from an earlier post that I was trying to figure out how to get a halter on him. When he first arrived at my pasture, he was, albeit grudgingly, willing to be haltered. However, once he figured out he could outsmart me, I haven’t been able to get one on him.

It has become more important now as he needs to get his hooves trimmed and should get his annual vaccinations soon. Also, I’d like to be able to get him out of the way so my Border Collie, Mobi, can get in a little herding practice.

So, recently I invited Shelby, also a member of Meridian Jacobs Farm Club, to see if, between the two of us, we could outsmart him.

My idea was that Shelby would distract the sheep with some grain and then Paridot would somehow magically follow me into the shelter for some hay or grain. I could then, in a smaller area, get a halter on him.

The first part worked well – sort of. They ALL followed Shelby for the grain, Paridot included. He was a little interested in me, but not enough to follow me into the shelter.

"Watcha got, Shelby? Slow down!"


Marley is ALWAYS hungry.

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed just being out with the animals.

At least Shelby got something out of it.

Shelby gets some llama manure for her garden and compost pile

Paridot and Marley found what Shelby was doing very interesting!

And I got……bested by a llama, again.

Stay tuned………

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  1. Quite the saga 🙂 I read about a technique using a pvc pipe to herd the llama into a corner. I can’t find it online, but I found this link –
    Good luck!

  2. But we all had fun-especially Marley!

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