Feeding Time

I arrived at the pasture one day recently and the flock convinced me they had not been fed yet (which I later found out not to be true).

They figure out I'm there....

Well, they SEEMED hungry so I hauled over some flakes of alfalfa. Paridot is so anxious, he sticks his head through the gate.

no problem to reach that!

Winnie did not think that was quite fair.

I finally got the wheelbarrow into the pasture – not easy when they all want the alfalfa.

Ahhh....that's better

Marley figures he’ll just eat what fell off.

When I put the flakes in the feeder, I was surprised to see that Paridot, the llama, could keep Marley from eating. It was hard to capture in a photo, but every time Marley tried to climb up to eat some from the top, Paridot sneezed at him, forcing him off.

Can't a Wensleydale catch a break??!!!

However, Paridot was much more generous to the Jacobs.

Wilma and Sid move in

Marley settles for what’s left on the ground….

…until he finally gets a chance at the “good stuff”

Paridot has his own hay rack up in the other shelter but I guess he decided he should eat first today at the group feeder.

Having made his point, he ambled off to have some leaves for dessert.

Ahh...a fine finish to the meal

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  1. Thanks,
    I feel like I was there watching. I wish I was there!

    • We;ll have to schedule you another visit soon!

  2. Funny that Paridot didn’t let Marley eat…our llama does that with the one churro girl we have. He will eat with all of the jacob girls, but doesnt’ like the brown, wooly girl 🙂 They all look great!

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