Good fences make good neighbors….

There are Karakul sheep at the place where I keep my sheep. The rams’ pasture tends to get pretty muddy in the rainy season. So, my landlords decided to move the rams up next to my sheep, putting in a fence to separate these two parts of the pasture.

Things went pretty well for awhile. There was a little sniffing through the fence but no problems.

a Karakul and Sid near their mutual fence

Well, I have a ram – Marley – who was recently neutered. However, apparently he is still retaining some of him “ram-ness” and decided to “mix it up” with Cookie, the largest Karakul ram in the adjoining pasture. We decided it was not a good idea for either of them to let this behavior continue. So, they installed another fence about 5 feet from the other one to create a “buffer zone” between the two pastures. Hopefully, this will keep everyone safe and happy.

double fences!

It seems there are always challenges with livestock!

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