Violet’s Wool

My friend, Aimee, got Violet, a retiring ewe, last year from Robin at Meridian Jacobs. Violet had an illness during the year and it resulted in a “break” in her flecce. A break is a weak area that can result from a sheep being ill or being under stress. A concern is that a break in the fleece will make it difficult to spin or cause a lot of lost wool during the processing and spinning process.

checking Violet's fleece

However, we decided to go ahead and spin Violet’s fleece anyway and see what happened. As you can see, Violet has more white than black. I spun up a mixture of the two colors and gave Aimee a couple skeins. Later, I spun up the rest as white and one skein of black. I really didn’t encounter any problems with the spinning and was able to get quite a bit of yarn.

Violet came to this year’s shearing day at Meridian Jacobs and got a chance to see the rest of her wool spun into yarn.

Violet inspects the results of last year's shearing

Aimee found time to knit up some of last year’s yarn – into a beautiful scarf!

Moral: It’s probably worth processing that fleece with the break – just in case you end up with some beautiful yarn.

Looking forward to seeing what Violet gives us from this year’s shearing!

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