Wool Waterfall

Awhile back I got something that makes processing my fleeces so much easier – a picker.

Looks innocent enough here – until you notice those “teeth” peeking out at the front left.

The picker is a tool for opening up the wool so as to make it easier for me to card using the drum carder. You get a better preparation if the wool is opened up some. The “openers” are the nails that are attached to the upper and lower portions of this tool – at varying angles so as to thoroughly open up the wool.

The stationary lower platform has nails

as does the upper portion

which I can move back and forth over the lower platform which has been loaded with wool

in motion

The wool is pushed out the front as I swing the top portion – resulting in a beautiful “wool waterfall”

The teeth make it a little hazardous to use (I checked my tetanus immunization status after getting poked by a nail a couple times!) but it helps me create a beautiful product ready to card before spinning.

grey Jacob wool - ready to card!

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  1. Wow, interesting machinery!
    My kitties went bezerk over your felted kitty toys and wanted me to thank you. They love playing with the mouse end and the tail end just as much. They are having a lot of fun with it.
    I tie up the tail when I’m not around because they have tried swallowing long string and stuff before.
    Great toys!

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