Sheep stand re-do

Awhile back I wrote about my sheep stand – how every piece of equipment comes with a “learning curve”. To make this stand useful and safe I had to do a couple things.

One – move it so that a solid surface (like a wall of the new shelter) would block one side of the stand so that a sheep couldn’t step off in that direction.

As usual, Sid likes to check out anything new in the environment – even the same piece of equipment when you move it somewhere new.

Notice the ramp I've added - making it much easier to get sheep up there

Two – provide some traction on the stand so that sheep won’t slip.

platform surface before

platform after "no-skid" strips have been applied

Sid was the tester today – he needed an immunization and really need his hooves trimmed. I lured him up the ramp and onto the stand with some grain and got him into the head lock. He had no problem with slipping on the platform and was really pretty calm about the whole process.

The head lock kept Sid in one place while he munched grain and got his immunization (really easy to do now by just reaching across him to give it behind his front leg) and his pedicure.

He was really overdue for a hoof trim. Here are some before and after hoof shots.

Notice how long the tips have gotten!

much better now

I’ve gotten a lot of hoof trimming experience at Robin’s which really came in useful today. Sid was very cooperative, too.

All-in-all a nice piece of equipment when set up properly!

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